About Us

If you’re like most visitors to our site, you’re here because you’ve heard of us from someone else, most likely one of our event, television broadcast or theatre production clients. But even if you haven’t heard of us, you’ve seen the results of our production services at the Rock and Republic Fashion Show event, the Fox News Democratic and Republican National Convention television broadcasts or the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball Drop event, seen by more than 1 billion viewers around the world.

If you’d like to learn more about our production services, read on. If you’d rather just get started, then call us at 917.846.6882 or drop an email to our founder, John Trowbridge.

Our Team:
Led by industry veteran John Trowbridge, our staff is composed of a team of experts in each of the production services required to make your next event, television broadcast or theatre production a success.

Our crews are handpicked to best meet the needs of each project. They are not just experts in providing comprehensive production management or specialized rigging, lighting, audio/video or scenic services, but also in ensuring that each discipline works together seamlessly. Click to learn more about our production services.

About Our Approach
Our approach is the result of decades of experience in the demanding and deadline-oriented worlds of television and theatre where precision is a must; reliability is a requisite and where, no matter what the situation throws at you, “late” is never an option.

It’s never an option because hundreds of fashion’s most-discriminating tastemakers are waiting alongside the runway, or thousands of people are sitting in their seats waiting for the curtain to go up; or a billion more are glued to TV screens around the world.  Click to learn more about our approach.

About John Trowbridge
John Trowbridge has spent a life in the demanding world of technical production; making sure that complex projects are completed on time, to spec and within budget.

He began his 25-year career working in lighting and rigging. Following his technical mastery of these critical areas, he was tapped to oversee specialized crews and then to provide comprehensive production management services for events, television broadcasts and theatre productions.

Today, his wide range of production management experience includes work for a wide range of clients like Fox News, ESPN/NFL and Disney.

Want to find out what we can do for you? Just give us a call at 917.846.6882 or drop an email to the founder of The Wolf Productions, John Trowbridge.