Production Services

What’s it like to work with The Wolf Productions?

In order to truly answer that question, we have to talk about both our production services and our approach.

Our Production Services:

The Wolf Productions provides a full range of production services for events, television broadcasts and theatre productions. Our offering ranges from providing comprehensive production management to specialized rigging, lighting, audio/video or scenic services.

Comprehensive Production Management Services

Many of our clients choose to hire us to handle all of the production aspects of their project. Working directly with them, we serve as a single point of contact for them throughout the complex production process. While every project is different, our production management services often include:

  • Collaborating with them to translate your vision into detailed technical, budgetary and timing requirements
  • Reaching out to representatives from any other organizations involved in the project, coordinating planning and gathering any needed technical information
  • Creating the project specification, which details the equipment, people, process and budget required to make their project a success
  • Managing all of the complicated logistics involved in your project, from specifying and sourcing hardware to staffing the crews and coordinating with the venue
  • Finally, we’re on site before, during, and after the event, conference or television broadcast: tracking every detail, making sure it all goes off without a hitch.

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Specialized Production Service Staffing

Sometimes clients come to us needing a specific expertise in order to augment their own team. We are happy working “ala Carte” and will match our people to the unique needs of each event, television broadcast or theatre production. We commonly supply individuals or teams in the following areas:

Lighting Design and Production Services:

  • Lighting design
  • Lighting system design and specification
  • Equipment sourcing
  • Logistics
  • Systems installation
  • Systems integration
  • Operation

Rigging Design and Production Services

  • Rigging system design and specification
  • Equipment sourcing
  • Logistics
  • Systems installation
  • Systems integration
  • Operation

Audio/Video Services

Scenic Services


Our Approach

We have worked on hundreds of events, television broadcasts and theatre productions, in every kind of location imaginable. And all this experience has taught us that when it comes to projects like these, only one thing is a given: nothing.

Warning: Process Discussion Ahead.

We’re not the kind of people who like to sit around and talk about “process” (and we bet you’re not the kind of people who like to sit around and read about it.) So, if you want to get right down to work, then skip ahead and call us at 973.706.6904 or email John Trowbridge. If you want to learn a little about how we approach our projects, then keep reading – we’ll make it quick.

Our approach is based on four concepts: communication, specification, preparation and improvisation.


We have found that the primary factor in determining the success of project is often apparent in our very first conversation. It’s something so basic, that most people take it for granted: the ability to communicate. Not just talk, but also actually exchange information. Many of our clients have noticed right off the bat that we’re very clear. When seeking information from you, we never make assumptions. If we don’t know something, we ask. If we do know something, we tell. And we never mix the two.


This is what clear communication makes possible. We are able to turn our conversation into a clear detailed list of what needs to happen in order for your project to succeed. We’re not too caught up in the form it takes – on some projects, it’s been a quick email sent as we sprinted to make the plane. In others, it’s a more formal plan, involving the contributions of multiple members of your organization and ours. Regardless, it establishes a vital common ground.


Using the specification as our foundation, we assemble the people, equipment and structure that your project will require. Once we have everything that we know you need, we can start to add the things we don’t know you need. While your project is unique, chances are it shares characteristics with countless others that we’ve worked on in the past. That experience comes into play here – so we know what kinds of unforeseen events and complications can take place… and we make sure to prepare accordingly.


Finally, it’s the big day (or night) and everything is going like clock work. And then suddenly…the clock stops working. It can be anything: your “star attraction” is stuck in traffic. The satellite falls out of orbit. The groom is stuck in the bathroom. Whatever is the matter, it doesn’t matter. Your event, television broadcast or entertainment production has to go seamlessly. This is where our experience comes to play – it enables us to instantly assess the situation and immediately begin moving towards a solution. It’s not like we’re MacGyver – but chances are that even the most random occurrence is like something we’ve seen and had to conquer before.

Interested to find out how our production services can help your next project succeed? Just call us at 973.706.6904 or drop an email to John Trowbridge.