“14 Hours: Locked and Loaded” Rock & Republic Fashion Show

Client: Stoelt Productions
Category: Event
Services: Production management, rigging, lighting

Stoelt Productions is a cutting-edge events marketing and creative development company that services clients in Los Angeles and New York. Stoelt was founded on the fundamental belief that visionary concept does not have to be compromised by real-world execution. By hand-picking their projects and clients and controlling every aspect of an event, they have created events of unparalleled impact for a global roster of powerful brands that include fashion icons like DKNY, Diesel and of course, Rock & Republic.

Matthew Stoelt was faced with three challenges. Challenge number one: creating a visual approach audacious enough to commemorate Rock & Republic’s first ever appearance at NY Fashion Week. Challenge number two: accommodating the elegant confines of the Italian Renaissance-inspired Cipriani 42nd Street. And the third challenge? Having only 14 hours to load and construct a set so ambitious set it filled 10 semis.

Ambitious project? Exacting client? Impossible deadline? Stoelt turned to The Wolf Productions team to manage production. Due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts at the venue, John and his crews would have only two graveyard-shift time slots to work in the space, before having to surrender it to others. The Wolf Productions team had to create a project approach that would enable them to divide this massive and complex body of work into two separate parts.

Part one focused on implementing the rigging system – the complex physical and electrical infrastructure custom-designed by The Wolf Productions in order to make the event possible. In eight short hours, The Wolf Productions team successfully constructed and tested a system capable of accommodating two dozen multi-story soft LED panels, a full complement of conventional lighting instruments, a sophisticated sound system and more than a dozen crystal chandeliers. A day ticked by, with them unable to enter the space. It wasn’t until after midnight the day of the event that they were able to begin Part Two, which was focused on “everything else”. Expert production management enabled more than 70 crewmembers and a dozen specialized companies to work together seamlessly. Outside the building, a custom grand staircase was constructed, leading in from 42nd Street. Inside the building, a magical immersive environment was created, whose every detail had to be perfect. The doors opened right on schedule, welcoming NYC’s fashion glitterati into a glamorous world that only 14 hours before had seemed impossible.